The Paw Word

Diary of Teddy Bear

featuring the Adventures of Cassie, Jamie and Teddy Bear


Their escapades are based in The Sea Ranch, California and in Port Hadlock,

Washington where the kids spent a majority of their younger life. The tales are written for adults to read to their young children, or if you are like us, for those who will always be children at heart.

Encounters with such characters as Officer Tweety, Officer Malony, and other surprises in their mysteries might make you wonder if this Diary is really

fiction ... or maybe not. Perhaps Professor Wadsworth could help you decide ... oops, that is if you can find him.

About the Family Edition:

The Family Edition is only available through donations to selected animal

shelters identified on the website. Only 100 copies of this edition will be printed. All funds go directly to the shelter as part of their

fund raising for care and placement in permanent homes.

Other editions may be available for purchase. Please refer to our website for

more information.

The family of Cassie, Jamie and Teddy Bear hope you enjoy their stories. Your investment supports one of the greatest deeds of life by helping little ones in need.

About the Author:

Frederick and his wife Jacqueline, together with their little ones, live in a

small cottage in the Provence area of France.


About the Book:

This is a collection of short stories from the paw word diary of Teddy Bear which evolve around her adventures with her sister, Cassie, and brother, Jamie.

All three are adopted dogs who provide some mischievous but loving times for their Mom and Dad as they pursue their mystery adventures.


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